Since 2012 I have been creating annual street art projects and leaving them out in the wilds as 'Free Art"

All of my Annual Projects are for also sale, proceeds from the sale of originals or prints go to various charities.
I believe all Street Art if its not left in the street, should be sold for charity.


2016 Got BUSY.. many more projects, many documented faithfully on Instagram @bunnySLPR

Octo-Poets; Collaboration with myself and poets to create Octopi and related poetry - 2016

In response to the 2016 Election and my fear that several basic human rights will be compromised I created a new Sticker project called "Slaps for Change" proceeds from the sale of the Stickers will go to the ACLU

Full Deck
for Sale as either Traditional Cards or Stickers: Proceeds go to the ACLU